Wonder if anyone understands how hard stepmom life is?

There are! Inside The Stepmom Side Community you'll find similar stories to yours and actionable advice you can use today....

A community just for you

You probably never thought you'd find yourself googling "how to get divorced", right?

No one does. You didn't see the struggles that were coming. You didn't know what you were "signing up" for-regardless of what everyone else tells you. The Stepmom Side Community is a private, off social media community for you to get the support (and help!) you need as a stepmom. Gone are the days of you doing this alone!

Office Hours to get help in real time

Having a Stepmom Coach walk you through what tweaks to make is game changing!

Every week, you'll be able to chat with Alicia about all the things in your stepfamily. What's going well and what's going not so well. You'll walk away feeling validated, heard, and energized with a plan.


Honesty with a touch of sarcasm

You have to laugh to keep from crying, right?

I know what it's like to be in the trenches of stepmom life, and I want you

out of there as soon as possible. That's why I will always be straight with you, and

I will add a touch of sarcasm, because you definitely need laughter.

Alicia’s help has been huge for our family dynamic. She can personally relate to what I am going through which means so much, and she’s really good at pointing out the things you ARE doing right, because sometimes you can’t always see it.



Headline that hooks people in, gets them excited and makes them want to sign up.

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